Painting Warranty Types

Who’s Liable for what?

There are three different warranty language terms involved with most painting projects. In a very basic manner I will explain the terms and realities and liabilities. I honestly share this information so there are less misconceptions and misunderstandings post job for our valued customers.

A-100 - back up by manufacture customer satisfaction Guarantee

Super paint - 5 year labor and material + Manufacture label warranty

Resilience -Perfect Solutions 7 year labor and material + Manufacture label warranty

Emerald -Perfect Solutions 10 Year Warranty + Manufacture label warranty

Label warranty is generally a way to compare residential home paints against each other. Many manufacturers advertise warranty quite boldly. I interpret it to mean; if there’s excellent conditions the paint will last a minimum of the years stated. Basically it is warranty against manufacturer’s defect (incorrect mix), and that is extremely rare. I’ve only seen 2 bad batches over the 35 years I’ve been painting locally, and they were many years ago. When possible (only a few products have Label Warranties), Perfect Solutions Painting clearly identifies “Label Warranty” in our contracts so clients have some sense of what quality we are using, and to make sure it doesn’t get confused with the other warranties stated.

A material warranty, which most painting contractors imply, is a manufacturer’s warranty regarding their product’s performance only. If they have a manufacturer’s defect failure or a major performance deficiency they will simply supply the minimal amount of material to paint the affected area. This does not include a labor warranty by the contractor, it is a material ONLY warranty. They are not legally bound to warranty the labor costs to correct. If the contractor is in good relationship with the supplier, they will sometimes pay a reduced amount to cover the labor to correct.

Perfect Solutions material and labor warranty covers workmanship issues within our control (our craftsmanship) for the period specified in the Proposal and Contract. All licensed contractors have a minimal 2 year labor and material workmanship warranty. See our expanded warranty page at – Warranty details

Here’s an example of Perfect Solutions standard exterior warranty clause: A conditional labor and material warranty against peeling, chalking, blistering, and extreme fading is implied on these newly applied coatings for 5 years (8 years with upgraded coatings – Bid #2) from the date of substantial completion. Warranty excludes damages caused by consistent moisture intrusion (below-grade walls & soil saturation at base) and unstable substrates (previous coatings & delaminating stucco & internal rusting).

Please contact us or see other Perfect Solutions Painting blogs for clarifications regarding the warranty exclusions and things out of our control.

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